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Location Filming by Mediacorp for Chinese Drama @ Professor Brawn on 5 Jan 2010

The Mediacorp Studios Pte Ltd, Chinese Drama Division is currently preparing a new drama serial titled 《想握你的手》 "Your Hand in Mine", Project No. XP08CD-DXW19-TVCDL for Channel 8. This 180 episode heart-warming modern drama is about family, love and forgiveness. The first instalment of the drama series is currently showing on Channel 8, from 7pm - 8pm.

Synopsis of 《想握你的手》 "Your Hand in Mine"

"Every past holds its own secrets. Some people hold onto the secrets of their past so closely that it is impossible for them to live their lives freely. Their fear that others will know the real them makes it difficult for them to have open and honest relationships. Yet, with the passage of time, the past throws up its own secrets. Through a handshake, forgiveness is obtained and love blossoms."

The production team carried out filming at Professor Brawn Cafe as follows:

Location: Professor Brawn Café (Novena Square)

Date: 5 January 2010, Tuesday

Time: 1500 - 1700 hours

Scene: Couple dining (Yvonne & Shawn)

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